Thursday, July 04, 2013

What I Dream - A Timeless Food Travel

As I watched the above video to write a post for Indiblogeshwaris - That Tuesday Thingy Premiere , it brought back to me instances of my dreams that come off and on come into real existence. The dream to travel, the dream to immerse into the cultures of people that bring food and communities together.

In my dreams I have walked around cities like rahul had, the music that played in the background crowded my mind. And that music for me was of jazz and tabla. And one such dream that came into existence was during my drip to Ahmedabad. It was the monsoons and drizzled through the day. I could not sleep the day I landed, I wanted to use my time stepping into the streets and breathing in the early signs of life, food, people and how communities bonded right at dawn. And yes with Food :)

I was out there, pushed myself out of the hotel room, and went on to grab the first bite from a street vendor who will serve me fafda freshly made in the sizzling hot oil in the morning. I was ringing bells of tabla as I walked into the streets and found this small shop who had begun making fafda's. Yummmm they smelled delicious.

The whole day, I walked in and out of either eateries or monuments or just in and off streets filled with people. Along the day, with a lot of hustle bustle was this tip and tap of the rain that I walked along with..samosa gully was wanting me to take a bite of this and that, the pakora gully at the other street corner as I went about looking for the most famous dabeli house, the rain tipped and tapped like jazz music and table.

With the tripod at the middle of the road, stopping traffic, I could not stop to capture the essence of the city with its rickshaw wallas. I breathed in the smell of rain, the sand, the people and the food. All in a single place.
You will see from the pictures below that this was just one such trip of my dreams that came into reality.. bringing food, music, cultures and communities. Its amazing how these factors can bring people together to live in peace in such a crowded and chaotic world. And watching the above video, I just cant seem to get enough of it. So here I go to dream again to see many more such places of visit come into reality. Thanks Indiblogeshwaris for igniting this beautiful dream again.

Below is the photo I captured of the teen darwaza standing in the monsoon rain in the middle of the road

Farsan House early morning at 6 AM Ahemabad

Streets of Khau Galli Ahmedabad that never sleeps - people come here to unite on food, kulfis and more food