Saturday, July 23, 2005

Siddhant's move to a 2 Bedroom Apartment

This move was for Siddhant. We felt his requirement for more space and so we moved on july 17th 2005. The move was easy and so was the settlement. During the move Siddhant stayed very well with our friends and was enjoying so many people around him. Also he was quite perplexed as to where the furniture etc were being taken.

Anyway, I had not firmly thought about giving Siddhant his own room. But, the day of the move, i asked friends to assemble the crib in his new room. The way rutvik and I had to move around the room while he was sleeping, tip toing, making no noice, making sure we get into our bed without making any noice. All that, i wanted a break from. So the move to his own room really made sense.

So that afternoon, i put Siddhant for his afternoon nap in his new room and he did great. I think the reason was i had already trained him to sleep on his own and so the new room did not make a difference. Ofcourse he felt the difference when he got up at 7 in the morning, he just screamed for us (did not cry), but just a loud calling. And the momemt we went there he was smiling. It was a great feeling, he did great. Then the next couple of days he began to get familiar with the entire house, crawling all over the place - from one room to another. Now, within a week he is very fine and knows that he has his own room.

I am so happy, he has adjusted so well. Things are happening as if Siddhant is telling us " yes mumma and pappa, i am ready to sleep in my own room and all alone by myself". Its amazing!!

This ability to put himself to sleep and sleep by himself is going to give him the capabily to cope better with his life and deal with his emotions. In other words it's a starting piont where he is begginning to handle the independence that has been given to him.

Apart from moving him to his own room, his has been enjoying crawling to our bedroom and trying hard to climb onto the bed with a few successfull attempts.


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