Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look to the West for Food!

Or may I say east for food, or south or north. Now, that's going to be relative for each region. The region I am looking from is India. India is looking to the west.

The Gen Y and the newer Gen is looking no further. West is where they worship, they compete for and pray!. Hold on.

Brewing just one topic at a time, I would like to take time in making some very important observations. While I was living in the west, The USA, I was noticing that schools, the system, the government was becoming more and more aware of the the junk food consumed among very young toddlers, high school kids and the like. Schools in most communities, good and bad was trying to reduce the obesity levels of the children, by eliminating, the junk like -the fried foods, coca cola, the burgers and the like. In the recent past, the government has also take an active part in playing a role to make sure, such junk food, in the formative years of children are avoided. Now that's what we call as people who have learned a hard lesson from the experience and the incidences.

Yes those lessons were learned really hard. Now the system, the government, parents, children, schools are working hard to make it a better system to make better healthy people. Now that country is extreme.

This topic on junk food has begun brewing freshly in India now. More so in growing children as young as 6 months. I would love to mention with great shame, that the population I am living with has taken this system of junk food culture to the next step. Don't we always like to supersede in what we do and over achieve. These some of the very close first hand observations.

1. Baby aged 6 months at a birthday party. The mother goes...
"Oh my son loves ice creams. It has milk, it has some sugar and eggs, surely he gets some protein."

2. Another 1 yr old gulping down a cake - mother goes
"Ah, my girls dinner is now over" - say whaaaa??? are you ok dear mother?

2. Child does not drink milk - the mother goes
"I give dairy milk chocolates - its so much full of milk." Darn...what is going on here, I yelled at her. Thats caffiene, un wanted calories , and a whole lot of sugar. Looks like my next article is going to be on how sugar harms health.

3. Cakes galore - mother goes
" My child eats only on birthday parties." - that's burgurs, fries, coke, cake and the like. Wake up parents.

3. Child insists on taking chips as snack -mother goes
"My son is very particular about what he takes to school. and thats chips"

4. Coca Cola - mother dotes at a party
" I need some cola for my son" - Mother that is caffeine - carsenogenic. does it srtike you. Those are unhealthy calories. Its not good for your child. Please wake up!!!

4. and more and more on the similar lines

5. Every time MY children dont out and they never do - the advices I get from parents are
"You have to train him, he needs to learn to eat everything". My reply back to them these days is " It does not matter - I beleive in giving my children a healthy diet - so they grow up to leaders of tommorrow".

OK, now what I am beginning to understand is, the Gen X parents are lazy, getting hipper and better than the west, to do better than the west, and to beat them. Educated parents "are you not aware that the west is learning from its mistakes and making a change."

Why? Why? Why?. Please ask yourself " Why" I am making such an important point.

Healthy dicipline - Take the time to make your child aware that junk food is not healthy and does not make you strong. Make a change yourself "Parent" only then the child can learn from you.

It is ok to refuse junk food. Introduce it, but show its limits. Now that birthday parties happen every other month and eating out happens way too often as most parents are working or not working and dont like to cook, the junk food does not limit. It just adds up.

I think Parents are living in a denial "that they are only offering junk food once in a while." I would think its otherwise. I am sure most of you parents reading this will go on a denial. Well Indians are always on a self defence and denial. Make this change for the futures of tomorrow, by incultating healthy eating habbits early on. Let us not immitate the west blindly.

Think, rethink and evolve. Let us set limits and boundaries in our eating habbits, so the same gets passed on to the children to make leaders of the future.

Start now to make this change!


Lori said...

You make such a good point, Archana. I was telling Adi one of these days that I believe now all these unhealthy products (food and otherwise) which are kind of uncovered here in the US as bad and ugly, are being promoted more heavily by corporations in the emerging countries, where people are just starting to be able to afford an "easier" life. The same thing is happening in Romania.

People just let themselves be manipulated into believing that they can live a certain "life style" they have been craving for. They think they are rich if they don't need to cook dinner anymore and can afford to buy cheap food from the supermarket. So they don't think of the side effects.

Jandy said...

you know, i can actually see you speak through your writings :) - i don't know if i agree with entirely you on this post, but that will take a lot more than just this comment space... (over the next coffee, huh?)
i do however credit you (and tell people i know) about how well you've brought up your boys and how they shun junk food. that was amazing discipline - more on your part than theirs, i'm sure.

Archana Doshi said...

Lori@ - yes emerging countries is the word and India, Romania (as u say) looks are are heading towards quick easy fun, food.

Jane@ - To make another point, I don't mean that eating junk food is not right, but as long as children - the gen next understands the difference( which to me takes time). But at present age, if you teach/give your children ABC vs NikNash, surely NikNash is fancier. And that is giving a wrong message that NikNash is better than ABC.

Now When you teach/give NikNash1 vs NikNash2 then ofcourse there is no ambiguity.

So when a snack or a meal - way to often becomes NikNash, then NikNash is wanted more. And they will avoid ABC.

Pavithra Doraiswamy said...

Good article. Well said and so very true. This is an eye opener for those who read this.