Friday, July 21, 2006

How the handling the 2nd kido is easier

Predictable routinesof the baby, acceptable behaviour of a 2nd time mom and the baby give less anxiety to the 2nd time mom.

Knowing its ok that you cannot be one of those perfect book moms is a consolation. Seeing your first child grow quickly and the you know the 2nd is going to follow.

Ofcourse each child is different.

Pranav became an extremely easy baby to handle once he crossed the first month. We did not rock him to sleep....just placed him in our shoulders and would close his eyes and now that he is 3 months, i am training him to sleep on his own. I pu him in bed, give him a rolled blanket and leave the room. he would do 2 things in 5 minutes, either go to sleep or whine. If he whines, then i go in to pat him and once whining stops, go out again and invariably he falls asleep. I cannot seem to justify how well this technique works and 3 months is the time to start. Hard lessons learnt with Siddhant until 8 months whom my DH and I used to pat him endlessly till he closed his eyes.
Ofcourse....those times are forgotten as he learnt to sleep by the time he was 10 months on his own...atleast it was better late than never :)

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