Saturday, February 02, 2008

Long Break

I am opening up this blog on parenting after a long break. My views, dilemmas etc etc.I was just reformatting the look and the theme,and had just begin to write, now i need to go, my children are up from their afternoon nap. Before they pounce on me and delete anything, let me go.
Parents and bloggers, your support is going to help me move on with more parenting ideas.
Until the next post.....


Indrani said...

All the best, I too am looking for tips from you !

Pavithra Doraiswamy said...

Archana, I happened to visit your parenting blog while looking for some recipe in your recipe blog. I dint know you blogged here but all your articles have been very interesting reads. I can relate to them very well and I am also in the same plane as you..I want to learn some nice tips that will help in raising my little one who is as naughty as ever. I am following your blog. Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing.