Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do you know what summer vacations can do to you?

Well, its been a long break again. You guessed it right, Summer Vacations were on and my two kids at home and not much activities outside for a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old, I was sandwiched just catering to their mood swings and fights. Thats what summer did to me.

I was constantly attending to the needs and also sorting out matters and even trying to keep their activities apart. The moment it was the same activity to be shared, its chaos. pulling pushing, fighting, crying, and last but not the least TEASING. The 2 little boys 18 months apart tease other and enjoy letting the other one cry, how amusing can that be. We hide from another room and watch them, until it gets to a point I hear I cry of pain.

Day in and day out, activating and deactivating them was exhausting mentally more than physically. Towards the end, I let them be and we all had exhausted our capacities to play creatively. This was the point when the 2 brothers began playing like hooligans. Running around the house, screaming, shouting and believe me none of it would make sense. KIDS!!!

They began this hooligan behavior while eating as well. Each on their chair, facing each other in their little round table, would kicks their legs against each other, dip their hands in the yogurt and clap their hands so the yogurt would splash every where.

Uff... sometimes i ignored, some days i was too tired to clean, surely I would try convincing them to pick a cloth and clean, but no way. They had turned to hooligans at the end of the summer vacation.

Did you ever think what 2 little hooligans can make of you :). Yes , I almost lost my sanity.

Which is when School has began 2 days back and my older one has begun Lower Kindergarten. He loves it ofcourse.

This gives me enough time with the younger one. He loved to drop off his brother and pick up is brother as well. Sanity has arrived back home.

wheeeeeeeeeewwwww summers!!! They are gone and Monsoons are on and Schools have begun. It cant get better.


Swati Raman Garg said...

hey can i come over to ur place for those puris:) and thanks for visiting my blog.. guess ur blog will b of help to me when i have kid after 2-3 yrs...

Anjum said...

hi lovely come up with more stuff.,i found my emotional side here..i too hav a son of 2yrs luking 4wd for more stuff...thanks