Friday, February 06, 2009

A long year and life is still the same...

Jane's blog finally inspired me to start writing again. There has been so much going on this past year that, I had forgotten to enjpy myself and enjoy with the kids as well. Post 2008 Summer, I got busy making the kids used to school, then we bought a place, then hunting for carpenters and mind was stuck with thoughts of how to furnish this new home. All this in the midst of managing home, new home, cooking, and kids. And finally to add to this list husband and my Archana's Kitchen Blog

What happened to the kids, they got fussy, I lost my sanity towards them and the house was close to chaos. Until the little hero P started school in October, thats when I got a breather.

To add, I had 2 boys who are act as if they have not seen eachother for many years. This happens when they return back from their respective schools. The whole jouney in the car is screaming of happiness or in tears ripping eachother apart.

Heard of kids not wanting to come back home. Yes, my younger one, P. He is just that sort, get into the basement to park the car, there he goes, rolling on the ground, tantrums and tantrums. My BP would rise, but oh well. Ihad to give into the treat system again.

"P You some some gems?" Thats it, crying was vanished and back into full energy jumping and getting into home, until he gets his pair of gems. Phewwww... end of one battle, then wash hands, change clothes etc, feed them lunch and then NAP time.

My days seem to have no emotions stuck to them. I try hard, after their nap, i get rejeuvenated to be nice and loving to them. But P always ends up making me loose my sanity. SCREAM had become my voice.

Want to know what this 2.5 year old kids P is capable of, MAKING U LOSE YOUR SANITY. Yes. like, running like super sonic and not looking that there is a sharp corner or bang into the wall. Jump from BUNK bed and fall head down, ride super fast on a slope and come back reverse and get cut in the head but falling on a concrete slab. But do you think that this has made any change in his behavior NO way.

As Jane says, let them be. Which has been my resolution for this new year 2009, to let P be himself, do what he wants and if he throws a tantrum, try to give in to some things and others ignore.

Like for instance, we have moved to our new home, where the kids cycles 2 rounds around the building which is about 1.5 kms. Now they cycle super duper fast, event the 2.5 yr old kid.
I was all screaming, wanting p slow down at corners, stop when cars come. This kid is fearless. 2 days hence, i meditated on what i should do, my BP was rising, they wanted to cycle, i wanted my walk with them. Guess what i did, ok,let the fearless kid be fearless, I will run ahead of them... there you go, and thats what I am doing now.

Looks like life is giving me a training to be one step ahead of my children right now, so 20 ysr down the line I can actually be at par with them - So I Hope :).

At the end of the day, when the kids are asleep, i am glad i get my emotions back for them. I am really striving hard to achieve it in their play time. I ts time let go.

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Jandy said...

archana, would like to know if any of your readers have the same problems with their GIRLS ? since our boys seem to be reincarnations of the Terminator series - jane