Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The first 3 months

No wonder they "mothers and grandmothers" say that one needs atleast 40 days of rest before you can be up and working. And no wonder the girls go away to the mother's place for delivery. Wee need that rest!

Staying in the US, we wanted to stay back here and take advantage of the top hospital care etc. So, instead of me going to mom's thats india, mom came here to help me out the last month and the months after delivery. Beleive me, those days of help cant be forgotten.

Though personally i was up and active after a few days of delivery and wanted to be as active as possible. I was fine, recovered very fast et all, the sleepless nights were all OK, and did not seem to bother much until after the first month. It was only after that things were taking a toll. The routine of feeding siddhant, giving him a bath, putting him back to sleep, feeding, playing etc..and not to miss out the 10-12 diaper changes that have to be done. And newborns poop at night too, so in the middle of sleep to wash his poop, was no doubt exhausting.

After so much work, the lack of sleep started to take a toll, i wanted to sleep whenever i had the chance. Always hoping Siddhant would sleep for a long period of time. But it was not in my hands. The newborns apparently dont have any schedule, they wake up hungry, you feed them, then play a little bit and go back to sleep. So basically, he was up for an hour or so, then off to sleep for half an hour or if i am lucky more.

I guess my fast recovery was due to my yoga practice before, during and after pregnancy. I have continued it, though at some point i just wanted to sleep instead of getting some exercise.

Mom left when siddhant was 2 months old. I missed her, but was glad to get back to my routine and set a schedule for the entire family. And let me tell you, setting schedules with a newborn almost never goes according to schedule. The moment you think he is on a schedule, his routine is changing as he is going through a growth spurt :) and his schedule goes for a "sixer" (cricket terminology).

As such rutvik and i are very lucky. Siddhant was never troublesome and he slept through the night from the time he was born. Ofcourse just used to get up for his night feedings and then went back to sleep.

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