Thursday, March 17, 2005

India Trip - travelling long distance with Siddhant

25 days long vacation, with siddhant and to india, with a flight travel of 24 hrs? Yes you got it!

First, travelling with siddhant was not difficult, he was such a well behaved kid, never cried at take off and landings. The only difficulty i had was yes nursing him in the flight. There was so little space, I had to nurse an overly active boy, who wanted to look all around him and still nurse.

You would think that a 4 month old boy who sleeps, 14-15 hours a day woud not face a jet lag. Really? Ofcourse he had one and it last for 1 whole week, where he would start playing at around 2-3 in the night, when all we wanted to do was sleep. But well, that whole week, neither ruts nor i got to sleep (day nor night).

In the midst we had a wedding in the family and that added to the more strain, though siddhant and i did not attend most of the fucntions.

The social character, yes Siddhant, had fun with everyone around him. Enjoyed the company of the many grand uncles and aunts and cousins and not to miss out the maid at home and ofcourse his grandparents. Not a bit of stranger anxiety.

Oh, have to mention. Siddhant lived like a true indian (coming from the americas). Going out to the mall, walking down the street, playing on the floor and creeping all around the room he was layed in. The only thing american he did was to drink mineral water. Apart from that, we had not taken any precautions. He stayed healthy, without falling sick and built up his immune system.

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