Sunday, March 13, 2005

First Time Mom Talking!

A first time mom, exhausted? Sure i am!
Siddhant is now 5.5 months and i am slowly getting into the grips of motherhood. Learning everyday on how i can be a better mom, at the same time telling myself that my mothering skills are unique, irrespective of how other mothers keep talking of their own mothering skills.

Everyone has told me while i was pregnant, that having a child is a tough job. But at that time i wanted to hear, "oh nice, its going to be a lot of fun". Instead i used to keep telling them " I am going to have fun and i am ready for it". Decided that, when i see another pregnant lady, i will always tell her, "have fun now and you are surely going to have more fun later! Just that the definition of fun will be different after a child"

And now being a mother, the first 3 months was EXHAUSTING. If not for my mother (Geeta) and my husband (Rutvik), i would not have been a sane human being. Nursing him every 2 hours with sleepless nights, which makes you have a hangover feeling through out the following day and days....oooooo. Hard to really describe it in words. Every mom who reads this will surely understand.

And now, its FUN, beleive me, i feel like a mother now, feel i really have a son now. I know he knows that i am his caregiver (dont know yet if he knows i am his mother until he calls me one). The reality has sunk in and its an absolutely wonderful feeling.

There is one thing i learn everyday, patience and how to be more patient :). Which i did have in me. But i think, this motherhood stuff has a whole different patience ball game to it. I have to keep relearning it everyday.

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